What permissions are required to use Shopkick? Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018 11:25AM PDT

To use the Shopkick app to the fullest, the following permissions must be enabled on your device:
  • Location: We use this to show you stores and offers near you.
  • Microphone: We use your device microphone to "hear" the Shopkick transmitter signal that gives out the walk-in kicks at certain locations. (This permission is only required on iOS for Shopkick versions 5.3.11 and below and on Android for all current Shopkick versions.)
  • Bluetooth: We also use bluetooth to identify the Shopkick beacon signal in stores in order to be able to grant you walk-in kicks.
  • Camera: The phone's camera is used for the product scanning feature, so we can get you those scan kicks.
  • Contacts: We've asked for this permission for our referral feature, so that you can invite friends to join Shopkick without writing out their contact information yourself – your contacts' information is never stored or transmitted, so it remains securely yours.