My receipt submission was rejected; why? Last Updated: Oct 17, 2016 01:32PM PDT

To get more detail on why a receipt submission may have been rejected, from your homepage in the app, tap on your total kick amount in the top center of the screen, then tap Kicks Activity.  If you find the receipt you submitted, there should be a short description of why it was rejected.  If you tap on that receipt line, you should then be able to see more details about your submission, including an image of your receipt so you can see what our system is seeing!
Here are some reasons why a rejection may have occurred:
- The image of your receipt is too blurry. 
- The picture was taken in poor lighting.
- The receipt is wrinkled or cut off.
- The purchase date is not visible.
- The store name is not visible.
- The product names and prices are not visible.
- The receipt total is not visible.
- The store you purchased the item from was not participating in the receipt kicks for featured items program.
- You were already awarded kicks for that item for that day.
- The item you purchased was not the exact item featured for kicks.