How do I navigate the app? Last Updated: Mar 07, 2018 04:19PM PST

Our main page is divided into a few tabs: 

  • Earn: Use the Earn tab to see all the kicks in nearby physical stores or online stores.  Toggle between "Kicks Nearby" (for walk-ins, scans, purchases, and receipts available at stores nearby) and "Kicks Online" (for all online shopping kick offers). Tapping on a store from either list will give you the definitive source of information about what kicks are available at that specific store.
  • Discover: Use the Discover tab to browse lookbooks curated by the Shopkick editorial team or Shopkick brand partners.  Discover new products and find seasonal shopping inspiration. 
  • Invite: Use the Invite tab to earn tons of kicks by inviting friends to start shopkicking.