What are basic troubleshooting tips? Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017 03:38PM PDT

If you're having issues with Shopkick, often reinstalling the app can help. Reinstalling gives you the most updated version of the app.
Note: To reinstall, delete the app from your phone. Be careful not to delete your Shopkick account from within the app.

As long as you have a registered Shopkick account, you won't lose your kicks by reinstalling the app.  If, after you reinstall, you are not already signed into your registered account, all you'll need to do is log in:
•  In the left menu tap your profile icon or just swipe right
•  Scroll down to "Settings"
•  Find “Login”
•  If you're registered with Facebook or Google+, make sure you use that login; otherwise,    use the email and password option
If you aren't registered yet (i.e. if you see the word "Guest" next to the person icon on your main page), then reinstalling the app may cause you to lose your accrued kicks. Make sure you register your account by tapping "Register" on the left menu before you reinstall.