How do I collect referral kicks for inviting my friends? Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017 03:33PM PDT

The friends you refer must register according to these steps for you to get credit:
  • They receive your link and tap on it
  • If they're on their phone, they'll be directed to the App Store/Google Play;
  • If they're on their computer, they'll be directed to a webpage. There they can enter their phone number to receive the text with your link to the App Store/Google Play
  • They download the app (for the first time), open it, and create an account
Depending on your personal invite promotion, there may be additional steps your friend needs to take in order for you to get credit, such as completing a walk-in or scan.  You can find all the information about your personal promotion under "Invite & get kicks" in the main Shopkick menu.