How do you get credit for purchases at Best Buy? Last Updated: Mar 07, 2018 04:22PM PST

To get kicks when you buy at Best Buy, you don't need to use your linked card. Instead, have the cashier scan your personalized Shopkick barcode.
Here's how:
  • In the Earn tab toggled to "Kicks Nearby", select Best Buy to see the store details page for the particular location you are visiting (check the address on this page), tap the "Purchases" icon.
  • You should then see a personalized QR code/barcode. Present the screen to the cashier and make sure he scans it BEFORE pressing total for the transaction. Scanning this will add the Shopkick line to your receipt.
  • You don't need to use your linked Visa or MasterCard to earn Best Buy purchase kicks. Kicks will be added directly to your account, instead of going into your pending purchases.
  • Best Buy transactions usually take 24 hours to process, but can sometimes take 3 days, depending on shopkicker traffic.
  • The Shopkick line must appear on your receipt for you to receive credit,  so double check your receipt before you leave the store.  If it doesn't appear, credit can't be awarded, for any reason.
  • You can get kicks for two transactions per week at Best Buy. If you're planning to make more purchases than that, be mindful of which purchases you add your Shopkick information to. Best Buy takes your first two purchases that show the Shopkick line in a week and credits them.
  • Online and Pick Up orders are not eligible for kicks in Best Buy's kicks for purchase program, nor are transactions made at registers which do not support the Shopkick QR code/barcode scan process.  This means regular Best Buy transactions only.  Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, Magnolia Home Theater, and Geek Squad specific transactions are not eligible for kicks.
If you believe your purchase was eligible for kicks based on the above criteria, please get in touch with our support team using the "Email Us" button below and send us an image of the receipt within 10 days of the purchase so that we can look into it for you.