How do I scan products? Last Updated: Mar 07, 2018 04:19PM PST

Go to the Earn tab and toggle to "Kicks Nearby", then tap on any store that shows scan kicks available (it will show a barcode icon in blue with a kick number next to it). In that store details page, the store address will be listed right above the scan icon - make sure this is the correct address for the store you are visiting. Tap the scan icon (the barcode in the circle) to see all available scans for that location. Once you find the item in the store and are ready to scan, tap the item in the scan list. After tapping “Scan” your phone’s camera will activate and you’ll see a white box with a blue line running through the middle. Just line up the barcode with the box and blue line, and you’ll receive kicks immediately for the scan.

Things to remember:
• Make sure you have good light and get the barcode in focus
• Make sure to scan the item in the store only