How do I get walk-in kicks? Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018 01:26PM PDT

To get walk-in kicks at participating stores, just open the app and walk into the store. Your device will pick up our signal near the entrance and reward you with kicks.

Before you head into the store, make sure:
• Bluetooth is enabled
• Shopkick has access to your microphone (if you are on Android or using Shopkick version 5.3.11 or below on iOS)
• You are connected via a strong cell/data or wi-fi signal

If you don't get kicks right away, try the "3 Rs":
• Refresh: Always refresh the store page before walking in. Tap the "Earn" tab, pull down on the main store list and release to update.
• Restart: If it's still not working, try restarting your device inside the store and then re-opening the app. This can help jumpstart the signal receptor.
• Reinstall: If you're having issues regularly, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This can provide the most up-to-date location information and help with walk-ins.